• When he began his Tecnotrasmissioni Two?

    In 2013 Tecnotrasmissioni makes the twenty-fifth year of operation. It has established itself on the market with over 16 brands exclusively and steady growth.

  • What technical support is offered to customers?

    The technical department has trained personnel for each product that can support customers in selecting and configuring products.

  • There is support for special products out of catalogs ?

    Our internal research and development department is able to consider applications for personalized products or derived from a commercial catalog. We are connected with various foreign suppliers to get out quickly and in small quantities for special products.

  • In what areas you specialize?

    Tecnotrasmissioni has over 500 customers in all industry sectors where there is a PLC, the actuators and sensors. A considerable portion of customers are manufacturers of automatic machines in the paper timber packaging and robotics.

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