The brands covered in our company profile includes the following products:

Brushless servo drives and inverters professional

Parts warehouse ready Servodrive Soprel and Control Tecniques


Vector motors and torque motors




Three-phase asynchronous motors



Stepper motors professional

Planetary gearboxes


Transformers and autotransformers




Industrial cables, wiring products and components for the machine edge

  Absolute and incremental encoders


Buiding PLC and Automation

Power supplies and components for connections. Active and passive connections for all networks and standard connector


Operator panels and PLCs







Numerical controls with HMI integrated low-cost, high performance.


Inductive sensors, photocells, ultrasonic, laser, color, inductive loop, of movement, ring, for labels, in contact, each cylinder, of distance, safety barriers, vision systems, illuminators.




UPS - AVR - voltage and frequency converters - PV Inverter




Networking - swtich extended industrial temperature range



Software, CNC-MOTION, Drive-motors, HMI, HMI+soft PLC, IPC, PAC
WEB PANE, I/O, industrial monitor and router, energy menagement 



Industrial cabinets chests solutions, solutions lectern, cable ducts,
Roof system control, thermal menagement





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