For over 20 years at your service in industrial automation and motion control. Tecnotrasmissioni Due Srl is an agency and distribution of industrial automation with 16 brands represented exclusively. Provides technical support for the product configuration, design and material ready for delivery to your warehouse. We offer a wide range of products for industrial automation. Our offer includes the following brands:


Facem Owi                                                             Nidec
Transformers, Auto Transformers, UPS - AVR            Voltage and frequency converters, Servo Electronics, Motors and Inverters
power, machine design, and cards
power electronics to customer specifications.

Tecnoingranaggi                                            Eltra
Planetary gearboxes for motors                        Absolute and incremental encoders

Motor Power Company                                 Magnetic
Motors and DC                                               Motors BLCD and torque vector

Power supplies, cables and connections                 hilscher
automation, terminal blocks and                           Bus di campo
Component Wiring
Fatek                                                               Elettro Adda
PLC programmable                                         Motors and drives three-phase asynchronous
Micro Detectors                                              Di-Soric
Photoelectric, Fiber Optics, Optical Sensors, safety barriers, machine vision systems
Inductive and optical distance sensors and ultrasound.
QEM                                                                 Saia Burgess


Oriental Motor                                                            R+W 
Stepper motor                                                           Fittings and coupling for motor and encoders                                           


KB                                                                     Layer
Drives for DC                                                  UPS - AVR - Frequency and Voltage Converters



Tekima - industrial cable, wiring products                 Esa - Software, CNC-MOTION, Drives-Motors
field installed components.                                       HMI, HMI+Soft PLC, IPC, PAC, WEB PANEL, I/O


ETA armadi, soluzioni casse, soluzioni leggio 
sistema canalizzazione cavi, sistema pensile di  
comando, thermal menagement 




Technical Support and Application Development

With our Engineering Department and the R & S offer a support service to product configuration.
We develop software for new applications and provide training to program the servo drives and PLC.
We also offer hardware and software development with the electrical supply complete and the application software.
Our service includes:

• Competence with engineering experts and designers from the fields of application of products

• Planning and management systems conducted internally

• Software development and engineering support complete

• Implementation framework, installation and commissioning service ins

• Excellent technical assistance and support

• Training and education for self management of their projects

The areas where we apply our products are:
Packaging - Packing machine, cartoning, Cutting Machines and Robotics
High speed machines
Cranes and hoists
Commands lifts and elevators
Machines for processing paper, wood and marble
Saving energy with pumps and fans
Textile machines
Materials handling systems
Print and run
Marine applications
Machine tools for metalworking
Test equipment in the field automotive
Control and winding coils

Electronic design Embedded

For some special applications we offer a design service for electronic applications and customer-specific digital or analog.
We can make products embedded in the WI-FI industrial controls for small engines with dedicated functional intelligence, telecontrol via Internet or SMS, smart card readers, protocol converters for fast board.
We develop applications based on microcontrollers, DSPs, FPGAs, the most popular.
We can also test and measurement testing for CE certification of products. We perform radiated emission measurements and conduct tests in a climatic chamber temperature, vibration and acoustic measures, compliance testing and esd flickers.
We offer advisory services on forest law enforcement.

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